It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas now ?Four Gingerbread Houses ❤️??? The kids made one batch each in the Thermomix, lots of fun and no tears ? ?? A little friendly sibling rivalry to see who could get the most lollies on without it collapsing ?? ? Here are our sanity saving tips

  • Make your gingerbread dough in the Thermomix
  • Over cook your gingerbread! yes we baked for an extra 8 minutes
  • Allow the gingerbread to cool completely BEFORE removing from silicone moulds, we used the Thermomix moulds.
  • Place cooked cooled gingerbread onto a wire rack to dry for at least 12 hours. We baked the night before and left them uncovered overnight before the next step
  • Make Thermomix royal icing from BCB with an extra 30g of sugar so its a little thicker
  • Decorate BEFORE construction! you don’t have to go this far but a couple of my children (the 17 and 14 year olds) even did a rough sketch of how they wanted it to look which helped alleviate stress (mine that is!)
  • Leave decorations to set for at least 2 hours before constructing house
  • We bought cheap boards from our local cheap shop 2 for $2.50, start to construct the gingerbread house with the 4 walls, let set for at least 2 hours BEFORE putting the roof on.
  • Add roof and stick any lollies that fell off during construction.
  • Your done, make sure you take a photo before they demolish it!img_5313




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